About Us

Bomo Juicery specializes in premium detox package and daily natural cold-pressed juices as a daily full vitamin intake for body. 


Environmental poisons, prescription drugs, polluted air supply, free radicals, metals contaminating the water that we drink every day, alcohol, smoke - make the body feeling tired, achy, heavy, unfocused. These kinds of unnatural toxins that we're faced and been exposed to everyday, can overwhelm our bodies, especially our liver and lymphatic systems. This can disrupts our hormonal balance. 


The detox package is to help cleanse, re-start body to get refreshed and return the body for full functions . Within 1 detox package, there are dozens kilograms of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, essential seeds, herbs, to increase the body immunity strengths. 


This detox juice cleanse, eliminate toxins and allow our cells to breathe and regenerate. After detox, emerge feeling lighter, brighter, clearer and re-energised.


Abundant health benefits are found in each bottles of Bomo Juicery - top anti cancer agents, anti-aging, weight loss management, clear skin, glowing skin, clearer eye sight, better sleep, more energy, feeling healthy, clearer mind.

Get rid the body from: heavy body, hard to concentrate, hard to focus, stress, hard to sleep (poor sleep quality), health problems, digestive problems, weight problems, skin problems, organ dysfunction problems.